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Our Story

Why We Started Stans's Paws

Beginning our journey back in June 2020, our adventure begun after hours upon hours of searching for natural and healthy treats for our trio of spirited spaniels. Often, we would see the word ‘natural’ flung about upon packs of food and treats which, after close inspection were stuffed with preservatives, additives and pawfulls of nastiness that we truly didn’t expect to see!

Embodying the ethos “if you want something done, do it yourself”, we took the plunge and decided to embark on a journey we certainly would never forget. Dedicated to supplying pet owners with all-natural, nutritious, wholesome, and healthy products that their dogs will love time and time again, we turned our East Devon home into an instant pet shop and before we knew it Stan’s Paws Pet Supplies was born.

Sourcing all our stock from the UK and EU, we are committed to selecting products that contain ingredients from sustainable sources and that are as eco-friendly as pawsible! When it comes to helping our furry friends, we must do our bit to help them all, no matter how big or small.

At our store, you are guaranteed to find products that are 100% free from anything artificial. Only the finest ingredients are used in the treats we sell and are completely wheat and gluten-free, meaning that they are suited for those in the hunt for hypoallergenic treats. Understanding the importance of the “right chew” for our four-legged friends, our store is raw-hide free, so you won’t find any of that nastiness here.

Supplying our furry customers with everything from tasty treats to glorious grooming products, you are sure to find something your furry friend will love time and time again.

Understanding your pet’s needs when it comes to their nutrition and health, every single one of our incredible items are created to make your pet as happy and healthy as they can be. If there’s anything we know, when it comes to our pets, they truly deserve the best.

So, for those of you hoomans that are scouring the internet in search for the pawfect product for your furry friends, look no further than Stan’s Paws Pet Supplies because when it comes to all-natural, nutritious, and nourishing ingredients in your pet’s favourite treats and chews, no one does it quite like us.


Stan’s Paws Team x

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