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Natural Soothing Ear Cleanser

Natural Soothing Ear Cleanser




Perfect for use as part of yours dogs normal routine ear cleaning without causing irritation.


A gentle blend of Tea Tree, Chamomile & Witch Hazel Pure Organic Floral Waters.


Soak a cotton pad & gently wipe in & around the ear. If required apply directly to the ear canal & gently massage the ear for 20 seconds. Stand back & prepare for head shaking!


Please note that this product is not designed to cure any ear problems. If your dog has any problems such as infection or irritations, please consult with your vet.


Our Sprays are supplied in PET plastic bottles which are fully recyclable, If they do end up in landfill they will degrade without leaking any chemicals into the soil. The lightweight nature of PET means there are low environmental transport costs. The energy used in recycling a PET bottle is approximately 1/10th of the energy used to recycle an ordinary plastic bottle.

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